Vaughn Cochran is an artist, fly fisherman and conservationist. “I’ve always been an artist”, says Vaughn, “but haven’t always made my living at it. I’ve always been a fisherman, but haven’t always been a fly fisherman. I’ve always been a conservationist, except when I didn’t know any better.”

A native Floridian, Vaughn grew up in the art community of St. Augustine and earned art degrees in ceramics and painting at the internationally known and respected Art and Printmaking Department of the University of South Florida. Arriving in Key West in 1972, Vaughn started his fishing career and also became an original member of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band. “It was a great time to be in Key West”, says Vaughn, “I’m not sure how I survived.”

Now retired from guiding, Vaughn became one of the most respected fly fishing guides in the Florida Keys and found plenty of artistic inspiration observing nature while guiding his clients to meet the challenges of saltwater fly fishing. For several years Vaughn fished and painted in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and later managed Costa Rica’s most famous fishing lodge, Parismina Tarpon Rancho. Recently Vaughn spent a year as fishing manager at Belize’s classic Turneffe Island Lodge.
Vaughn Cochran Fishing

Vaughn’s artwork has been shown in numerous galleries and outdoor shows in the United States and has received many awards. His paintings and sculptures are held in private and corporate collections. Vaughn’s newest work was recently featured in a one-man show at the International Gamefish Association Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum main gallery. “Although I still enjoy painting the traditional fishing and seascape scenes that I’m known for, my newest work is in the pop style from earlier in my painting career. I started with pop art fish and have moved on to other images and icons of the fishing industry.” These paintings are now available as prints as are many of his more traditional scenes of the flats he fished on a regular basis.

Vaughn’s powerful and popular sumi-style Black Fly logo merchandise includes T-shirts, license tags, mugs, hats, note cards and boat decals. Original paintings, fine art prints, ceramic tiles and art pottery, Black Fly merchandise and additional T-shirts are available at www.vaughncochranart.com. Vaughn’s work is also available in catalogs and specialty fly shops around the U.S.

His love of fishing has also given him the opportunity to be the featured co-host and guide for several episodes of ESPN’s morning line up of fishing shows, including “Fly Fishing America”, “Fly Fishing the World”, “North American Fisherman”, “Back Roads” with Ron Shara and several episodes of “Spanish Fly” with Jose Wejebe in Belize.