Vaughn Painting

Regarded as one of the best and more innovative artists in the world of fishing art, Vaughn’s current groups of pencil drawings, watercolors, mixed media, acrylic and oil paintings would be classified as contemporary sporting art and represents the last 20 years of his work. He was trained as a fine artist, taught at a university and his portfolio now spans over 40 years.

A multifaceted artist, Vaughn is skilled in many mediums including painting in oil and watercolor, ceramic sculpture, art pottery, printmaking, intaglio, silkscreen, woodcarving, batik and metal working and casting.

His contemporary sporting art reflects the world of professional fishing where Vaughn was a fly fishing guide for many years. “In my travels”, says Vaughn ”I always had my camera and sketch book. I’ve filled at least 3 journals with ideas and notes for paintings and sculptures that revolve around fish and life on the water.”

Please call us at Blackfly Outfitter, 904-997-2220 to ask about purchasing an original Vaughn Cochran painting or fine art print – or better yet see Vaughn's artwork at the following locations: Blackfly Outfitter in Jacksonville, Fl, Blackfly The Restaurant, 108 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine Fl and Blackfly Lodge in Schooner Bay, Abaco Bahamas.

Vaughn Cochran